Lesson 1/English

Ex. 1

Fill in the articles.
The dining-room in our house is large.
We have a garden. The garden is very nice.
We have flowers in our garden. The flowers are nice.
I see boys in the yard. The boys are playing cards.
There are girls in the bus. The girls are my friends.
I have a window in my room.
The window in my room is large.
I see car in the street.
The car is new and white.
We have a living-room in our house.
The living-room is large and cozy.
I see a plate and a cup on the table.
Mike has a sister and a brother.
The garden in front of our house is very nice.
There is pencil in the box.
There is a clock and picture on the wall.
The armchair in our sitting-room is very cosy.
My mother has a hat .
There is a bed and a wardrobe in my room.
Bob has a big dog.
The boy in the yard is my brother.

Nouns can be

Countable and uncountable.
a pen, a box snow, milk

a book, a cat rain, coffee

a room, a window ice, tea
a chair, a door water, meat
a lamp, a table grass, butter
a girl a mirror ink, bread
a boy, a jacket hair, jam

We use a, an with countable nouns in singular,
We don’t use a, an with uncountable nouns.
Countable nouns have plural. Uncountable nouns
don’t have plural.
We use many with countable nouns.
We use much with uncountable nouns.

Ex. 2. Fill in much or many.

There are many interesting books in the bookcase.
I like tea with much milk.
We see many boys and girls in the yard.
Do you eat much bread with soup?
English people don’t drink much coffee.
English people drink much tea.
There is much grass in our garden.
There are many nice flowers in the vase.
I don’t like sandwiches with much butter.
Children like to eat much ice-cream.
Tom has many good friends.

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